October garden

courgette flowers

I haven’t had much time to be in the garden since we got back from Islay as I have been away for work quite a bit. I did manage to collect some pears and cooking apples though last weekend. I am eating the pears and have wrapped the apples in newspaper to store them for later in the year.

pearscookig apples

The jerusalem artichokes are flowering adding a lovely dash of yellow to the garden and bizarrely one of the apple trees has one solitary blossom on it too.


October apple blossom

Despite my benign neglect, the garden is still very productive. We have cabbages and celery, tomatillos and kale, carrots and  beetroot, green beans, and a few cucumbers, peppers and courgettes. But mainly we have tomatoes. We are almost, but not quite overwhelmed with tomatoes – but I am not complaining, I love tomatoes.





veg haul

Cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes from the floor of the greenhouse. The squash are coming along as are the cauliflowers and borlotti beans.


We also have delicious almonds which although they take some getting out of the shell are definitely worth it.


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