seedsLast weekend in a spectacular burst of productivity I planted some seeds: tomatillo, tomato, chilli, pepper, aubergine, and cucumber. I have also started chitting my potatoes

cucumber seeds

This week they had started to come up

seeds2I don’t know why I plant aubergine seeds as although the plants grow,  flower, and fruit forms, the little aubergines then go grey and mouldy – blurgh.

pepper adn aubergineI have also planted broadbeans and mangetout in drainpipes in the greenhouse. I had read about using drainpipes but never had any spare. However, as we got the roof done this winter we now have spare drainpipes – hurray.

greenhouse beansThe other greenhouse has been tidied up and is ready for planting – except for the broken glass

greenhouse2I don’t bother cleaning all the mould off the greenhouses because I am lazy and as I see it, if I do that then later in the year I will just have to paint them with whitewash to stop the sun scorching them!

I am obviously still behind with weeding, sorting out the soft fruits, planting onions and garlic and other general maintenance, but I have made a start…..


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