March in the garden


I have made a start in the garden and last weekend planted out my onions and garlic. Of course since then it hasn’t rained at all!

leeks, garlic, spring cabbage

onionsI cover the onions and garlic (and greens etc) with enviromesh to stop the birds helping themselves to them.

I have also been planting salad stuff and herbs (radishes, rocket, lettuce, spring onions, dill, coriander and basil etc) in the greenhouse – direct in the soil. This is an experiment. I am hoping to get a crop before it is time to transplant the tomatoes and cucumbers outside. The radishes have already come up and I think I can see signs of tiny lettuces.

radish and mangetout

The mangetout and the broadbeans have started to sprout so that is good.

greenhouseThe crocuses are also flowering – spring must be nearly here!

crocuswhite crocus

2 responses to “March in the garden

  1. Hey, Claire…what are the 1/2 rounds that you have planted seeds in in the greenhouse? They look like gutters. What’s the advantage of using these? What veggies can be planted in these whose root systems can manage that limited space? Always looking for ideas for simplifying our gardening.

  2. They are gutters! This is the first year I have tried it as before we didn’t have any old gutters to use. Apparently when you come to plant them in the ground they just slide out and into neat rows – yeah right – I so bet this isn’t going to happen, but I thought I would try it. I like the beans and peas to get a head start in the greenhouse – really I should plant them in the autumn, but I am not that together. I will keep you updated. Oh – you could also plant salad in there and other veggies I am sure as well. x

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