Update on Molly and Mag the first lambs

feeding timeSo last Monday after spending just over a day in the lambing pen I put iodine on the lambs bellies again and then let them all outside.


going outOutThey love being outside.

This is the little ram lamb Mag


Bobtail and Mag

And this is the little ewe lamb Molly with her mum Bobtail. She looks just like her mum.

mother and daughter

They met the other sheep


Are you my mummy?

And everyone had some dinner

Dinertime2They are starting to gambol a little bit and love sitting in the sun. James was a little disappointed that they didn’t gambol on day one, but they had only just been born and gamboling takes a bit of getting used to.



And they have the cutest little lamb tails


N.B. two more ewe lambs just born to the third ewe – both doing fine, although I did have to put my hand up to get the second one out. See our instagram account hashtag smallholdingdreams for photos – more later

11 responses to “Update on Molly and Mag the first lambs

  1. Hi Mary! Gamboling is the way the little lambs jump and run at the same time. You know, they kind of jump and put all four hooves together whilst they’re in the air and bleat and look sooooooo cute!

    Well done delivering another two Claire! Is the last sheep the one you thought might have triplets???

    • TAD&N
      Thank you for your apt description! I know exactly what you mean. In the U.S we don’t have such a good word for describing that whole process. At least I’ve never heard it before. I will start using it and see if I can start a new trend her in Minnesota!!

      • This reply was for Angela – sorry – it is early and I have been feeding lambs! Gamboling is so very very sweet. Molly and Mag were having races last night as the new lambs were born. x

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