eggsIn between everything else I have started incubating some eggs. The greenish ones above are from green egg layers and the ones on the right are Ixworth/Naked Neck crosses. These are an experiment – I want to see how they do as laying/meat birds compared to Ixworths and Naked Necks separately.

These eggs are in the incubator and are due to hatch out on the 6th May.

in incubatoreggs in incubatorI have also put some of the Ixworth eggs from the front garden chickens under a couple of broody Silkies – the wonderful Bobblehead, her copper daughter (below) and a Pekin-Hybrid cross.

silkie on eggsBobblehead and the Pekin are sitting in the small Omlet coop and are due to hatch on the 23rd. The copper silkie above is die to hatch about 2/3 May. She is sitting in the run. I might move her to her won quarters once the chicks hatch in case they distract her from her eggs.

I do hope some of the hatch and the two cockerels in the front have done their job and not just been noisy – otherwise it will be coq auvin all round.

NB turkeys are sitting in a crazy turkey heap to which they keep adding eggs – I should have been more observant – hopefully we will get a few turkeys from them. I have no idea when they will hatch!

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