More Lambs

new lambOn Monday evening at about 6-ish another ewe went into labour – they like to schedule births around my work  which is thoughtful of them! I went to shout James and get our friends and when I came back another lamb had been born.

Here she is just born

justborntrying to get up

getting upand on her feet

on her feetHer mum did a good job of washing her

washingAnd then she decided to have a feed

feedingYou can see the second water sack hanging –  there was going to be another one.

The ewe is a very devoted and diligent mother

loving mumhere she is nudging her to feed

nudging her to feed

While we waited we watched Mag and Molly gambol and race around. We were hoping to capture the second birth on camera.

gambolingracingThe light was beautiful and the weather was warm – a perfect spring evening – just right for lambing


ewe and water bagLight

We waited and waited. We were hoping to get a shot of the next lamb being born. Nothing happened. Finally we rang the shepherd, our friend Andrew, and he recommended getting the ewe into a pen in the shelter and having a look inside (!). I lured her in by dragging the lamb inside. And then I proceeded to put my hand inside the ewe to try and workout what was going on. I found two feet and a head so started to gently pull and then out popped another tiny lamb.

Both lambs were fine, but didn’t seem to be getting much milk so I gave them colostrum a couple of times that evening and the next day. I am now supplementing their mum’s milk with some bottle feeding as well.

We didn’t get any photos of the second lamb being born, but here are the two little ewe lambs and their mum the next day

two little ewe lambs N.B. we still haven’t thought of names for these two – any ideas?

10 responses to “More Lambs

  1. I know these names are typically reserved for dairy cows here in the US, but Bluebell and Daisy are always good standby names!

  2. You did such a beautiful job feeling inside for the status of the new lamb. Bravo! They are gorgeous. All the photos of the evening are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the event.

  3. You’ve got Mollie, how about Milly and Mandy?? Sweet as sugar candy…. oh, sorry, showing my age as I remember that ol’ gem of a song!!

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