Spring Green Frittata and Salad

spring greens and saladWe have been mainly eating spring greens this week – in bubble and squeak with black pudding (a new recipe I am trying with oatmeal – more on this later) and poached duck eggs

Black puddingand as a frittata.


This frittata is very very good – we have eaten it about 4 times recently.

Ingredients: eggs, spring greens, cheese – how easy is this??

IngredientsSteam the greens, whisk the eggs, add greens to eggs and cook in a frying pan. When nearly done sprinkle cheese on top (I have been using Doddington and Coolea) and then finish off under a grill – but don’t go off and water your cold frame and forget about it, otherwise it will get a little burnt like this one!

frittata2We had it with salad – rocket, lettuce and radish from the garden and a bit of avocado from a long way away!

frittata and salad

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