Feeding the animals

Egg collectionAt weekends and during school holidays we have help from the campsite kids with collecting eggs and feeding the animals in the evening.

Egg collection starts at 6pm and everyone is welcome to join in.

First we feed the hens

feeding chickensOf course there is time to cuddle a chicken – there is always time to cuddle a chicken.

Holding chickensHolding chickens2Holding chickens3When the alpacas see the hens getting fed, they know they might get a treat too, so we go and feed them as well

feeding alpacas4feeding alpacas3We then collect the eggs before going to feed the pigs. It is an important job to get the pigs used to people and to think that treats come from the bucket

kids feeding pigsfeeding pigs2

pigsWe also change their water

changing the waterSometimes, depending on the time of year we feed the sheep and collect turkey eggs

feeding sheepcollecting turkey eggsWhen you hear the egg collection shout go up, come and join in ….

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