Even more lambs

mum and beeblebroxOur last ewe had her lambs last Tuesday morning. I was by myself feeding Monday evening’s lambs and noticed the water bag. I went to tell our friends that more lambs were imminent and then returned to watch and wait. When I got back I found this

labourShe was trying very hard to push out the lamb, but not much was happening. I waited a while, taking pictures of baby lamb feet, but still no progress. I decided I might have to help and approached her. She got up and ran off with little feet dangling out of her.

I waited some more – she kept pushing, but still it was just the little feet and what might have been a tongue

feetI went to get Jess and Henry, and then Jess and I pursued her for a while but she always kept out of reach …. this obviously wasn’t going to work. So eventually we made a funnel with hurdles into the shelter. We chased her in, Jess and Henry blocked her in with a hurdle and I pulled (very hard) to get little Beeblebrox out. And the reason she hadn’t been able to get him out ….. he had massive horns which must have caused him to get stuck halfway through being born.

About 20 minutes later she had another ram lamb with a little bit of help and then collapsed. I gave her some of my magic ewe medicine (I am glad I  bought it now) and it perked her up and she got to her feet and started washing Beelzebub (it is the horn thing!).

Of course I didn’t get any photos, but here they both are well and happy – taken this morning

B and BAnd this is Beeblebrox having some milk


5 responses to “Even more lambs

  1. God, they get so big so fast! So beautiful. And more congratulations to your lamb midwifery skills. Bravo!

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