Chicks are back

Silkie and chick in wingsI few weeks ago I put some Ixworth eggs underneath a Silkie and a Pekin-Hybrid cross. A week ago (how time flies – but there is loads going on here at present) they started to hatch out. The Silkie hatched out one and the Pekin-Hybrid Cross five chicks. The other eggs weren’t fertile.

Just hatchedThe Pekin-Hybrid didn’t seem too interested in the chicks and was pomming about so I decided to put them all with the Silkie in a new coop. She gathered them under her wing and kept them safe and warm.

silkie and chicks

In the past week she has been teaching them how to drink

teaching them to drink

how to eat

teaching them to peck gritThe chicks are obviously utterly adorable and I have to check that they are fine every now and again by picking them up and gently rubbing their yellow fluffiness on my face – don’t laugh, this is the industry standard way of checking on chicks – no really …..


We have more coming in the next few days. This Silkie has been sitting for ages and the eggs are due to hatch – as are the ones in the incubator and quite possibly the turkey eggs as well.

Broody SilkieBroody silkie in her bed

N.B. I Put a new batch of Ixworth eggs in the coop and brought over another broody Silkie to sit on them, but the Pekin-Hybrid chased her off and is now sitting again – I hope she will be OK and has the energy to do it again.

chick2N.B. some really exciting, life changing news to come in the next few days …. I am sooo excited


9 responses to “Chicks are back

  1. Life changing news? Claire you have adorable lambs, chicks and piglets, we don’t need cliff hangers to keep us following you xx

    • I think you already know – well maybe … if you are up this weekend you will definitely find out, but I will take a photo and spill the beans tomorrow

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