FullSizeRender-1Beautiful Mao died last Sunday. Both his families, his old one and his new one are heartbroken. Last year Mao went to live with our wonderful friends Kerry, Jeff, Jude and Holly – see here for why.


As soon as I got him out of his travelling box when we arrived it was obvious he felt right at home. And before long he was scarffing dreamies, sitting on laps, purring and playing with Jude and Holly. I thought he had had a pretty good life with us in Shottisham, but in Bristol he had a brilliant time. I kept expecting him to send letters to our other cats telling them all about the wonderful time he was having with Jude and Holly, the delicious fish Kerry was giving him and the cuddles he had from Jeff – with a ps that they should all get a train down there as soon as possible.

I didn’t take as many photos of Mao as I should have. But I will try and upload a video soon that Kerry took of Mao and Fidel when they were kittens.

We miss you beautiful, gentle Mao.

4 responses to “Mao

  1. I sigh… Can’t quite come to terms with how loving our animals opens us up over and over to having our hearts be broken. Part of life that nags at me and only changes with time passing after each loss. Love to you and Mao’s other family.

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