Daisy Dog Day – part two – the Twinkle Tree

Twinkle's treeAfter planting Daisy Dog’s tree we went to plant some white narcissus bulbs that Angela gave us round Twinkletoes‘ cherry tree. Jeff, Kerry, Jude and Holly gave us the tree and we planted it in the summer, but now is a good time to plant bulbs – thank you everyone.

bulbs round twinkle's treeThen we did a bit of chicken feeding and holding – as you do

Holding chickensfeeding the chickensAnd it was very fitting that on the day we say goodbye to two of the lovely campsite cats and dogs we also said hello to a new puppy. This is Hattie – no, she isn’t ours – but she is rather gorgeous

HattieN.B. we put a few of the white Twinkletoes bulbs round Daisy’s tree and a few of the yellow bulbs around Twinkle’s tree – it seemed fitting as their lives were so intertwined. See here for their story.

2 responses to “Daisy Dog Day – part two – the Twinkle Tree

  1. Thank you for this story. We are going to put our beloved dog Veda down this weekend. She’s got a horrible cancer. We are waiting for Julian to come home from college so we can go as a family to euthanize her. We will also plant a tree and some bulbs around her grave.

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