Professional Bee Mover

hive in car.jpg

So last Wednesday at 7pm I found myself rocking up at a house in a nearby village to collect a swarm living in two old supers.

Obviously as I am a professional beekeeper and not a rubbish one I turned up with three things: a cardboard box, gaffer tape and my beesuit!

Well, in my defence at least I remembered my beesuit – no hive tool, no smoker and no nuc.

Luckily I was collecting the swarm from another beekeeper who just didn’t want these ones. She had a smoker and a hive tool and together we taped up the two supers and wrapped them in a sheet. We carefully put them in my car and I drove home – with the beesuit on.

At about 8pm I unloaded my precious cargo onto a stand and brood box I had prepared earlier and scarpered – after all I still had halloumi to make.

ready to put in position.jpg

The next day I added another super as an eke and fed the bees. The were coming and going from a little hole in one of the supers, but also using the main entrance of the brood box.

old entrance.jpg

I left them to it but I will go and have a check on them tomorrow and assess the situation.


N.B. The bees are only in the two plain wooden supers boxes here, but I am hoping that they may move down into the white brood box. The top yellow super is the eke where I have put some fondant for them.

N.B. Thank you for the bees Amanda and especially thank you for teaching me how to move them 🙂

4 responses to “Professional Bee Mover

  1. J > I was hoping to see a photo of the sheet arranged below and sloping up to the hive entrance, and any loose bees quietly matching up the hill and into the hive. Did you need to do that, or were all safely in the super?

    • All stayed in the supers – the marvel of gaffer tape. Obviously, in the interests of full disclosure, some bees didn’t make the move and got left behind at the original site, but that is always the way with these things I think ……. but then what do I know, I rocked up with only a cardboard box and some gaffer tape!

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