Hugelkultur Ready for Spring

ready for spring

I have tried to keep notes about my vegetable gardens in physical notebooks for the past few years. I start off very well, but by about week 3 or 4 it kind of stops as I cram my seeding and planting into odd hours of the day when i have time.

But notes are useful – it is good to know when you sowed seeds, which varieties did well, which didn’t and why.

So I will make more use of my blog as a vegetable almanac and try to keep a record here. If you aren’t so interested in the minutia of vegetable growing, you can just skip over these posts – there will be more cute goats and cakes very soon 🙂


On the first day of the year, i planted onion sets on the hugelkultur and covered them with alpaca poo and a straw mulch. The wind blew the mulch away and the birds ate my onion sets – I wasn’t happy. I have learned my lesson and I replanted the onions with some garlic and pegged some eviromesh over the top to keep the alliums safe.

covered garlic and onions.jpg

I also dug out some celeriac, leeks and cabbages so I could cover the beds in plastic to get a head-start on the weeds.

The rest of the veggies I tucked in with straw which may or may not blow away!

snug cabbages2

N.B. My leeks are spindly, wretched things as although I sowed them early from smug little saved seeds, I then neglected them in the polytunnel of dreams until well into August. This year I will try and plant them out before they shrivel up and while there is still plenty of time for them to grow nice and fat.

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