Cat Got the Milk

milk pail

Fermie (aka Fermat-Newton, our ginger cats are named after scientists and mathematicians – when you have a lot of cats you need a naming schema of some kind!) has been following me when I check on the baby goats and when i go and milk Iggy Pop.


I wasn’t sure why he had suddenly taken to being my goat bodyguard, but then I realised why. Someone had obviously told him about the stripped milk. Before I start milking I strip off a few squirts from each teat to check for signs of mastitis and also because the first couple of squirts can contain bacteria. We don’t drink this tiny bit of milk which either gets washed down the sink or poured on dog food.

Fermie had other plans for it and I was happy to oblige.


I currently get about 1/2 pint from iggy Pop a day which isn’t much but it is enough to make a bit of yoghurt; was yesterday used to make our cauliflower cheese; and provides the odd hot chocolate for me!


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