Eye Spy with my Little Eye ….

pea and bean shoots.jpg

Since last July I have had some visual problems – it is hard to describe what these consist of: I have found focusing hard, by about midday I just want to shut my eyes and stop seeing, I am exhausted, I have bad double vision and nausea nearly all the time. I really struggle to drive on dual carriageways, so don’t – in fact I struggle in busy places full stop. It has had a pretty negative impact on my life to be honest and made me feel quite wretched.

I got my eyes checked in August and got some lovely new glasses – they worked wonderfully but a couple of months later I was having problems reading again and my sight has just got worse and worse. Then a month or so ago I realised I had blurred patches in the vision of one eye – so I went to see my optician, who is wonderful and a lot more use than the GP has been.

I saw a neurologist at the end of last year who thinks it might be visual vertigo (and I am still waiting to start some rehab for this). They organised an MRI of my head last week which was thankfully clear (but don’t even get me started on the locum neurologist who discussed the scan with me….). But it was the optician who sent me for the OCT – a fancy scan of my eyes – that I had today. And it turns out that my optic nerve is inflamed or something – I am not very good at processing medical information. I try and listen, but much of it sounds like waah, waah, waah ….. now i know how ms students feel when I am telling them about assessments! Anyway, from what I remember I will be referred relatively soonish (i.e. in the next couple of weeks) to the eye hospital/clinic and the doctors there will try and establish the cause and treatment. The person doing the examination did say however that possibly it is the problem with my optic nerve/eye that has been causing the nausea and other symptoms.

I was both pleased and worried – pleased that finally something is being done and slightly worried about what might be wrong. But you know what? At least I will soon get an appointment which will hopefully begin to get to the bottom of this.

sowing peas

Meanwhile, despite saying that I would keep my gardening notes on-line, I have been slightly remiss – but here is my first 2018 planting/sowing update – a lot has been happening here so I behind with my planting.

I have planted early peas, mange tout and broad beans in gutters in the poly tunnel.

covered gutters.jpg

I have covered them with enviromesh as if you don’t, the wretched rodents come and steal the peas and beans. Here is the evidence….


In propagators in the house I have planted Amish paste, orange banana and Green Zebra tomatoes; sweet green, monster yellow, orange bell and lipstick red peppers as well as red hot chilli; aubergines, marketmore cucumbers, basil, and alfredo courgettes. So far only the cucumbers and the Amish paste have started to sprout.

The onion sets planted in the ground in the polytunnel have started to sprout.


I also planted a later batch of red onions in pods to plant out later.

onion sets.jpg

N.B. As part of the process they put some drops in my eyes which hurt but also made seeing in the sunlight almost impossible and ratcheted up the nausea to 11 on the scale. Seriously i ca’t believe I took my sight for granted for so long …. eyes I love you, please get better soon.


8 responses to “Eye Spy with my Little Eye ….

  1. Thanks for the update on your eyes… we have been concerned. I am glad you have an idea about the problem how ever vague it may be. Now I am curious around how you get an “inflamed optic nerve”. Can it be caused or aggravated by seeing certain things? if true… My question is what/who have you been “looking” at?

    Ps… had to look up “Mange Tout” (and I speak french)… We have always called them “sugar snaps”.

    • My thoughts exactly on the whole inflamed optic nerve thing! Is it too much reading or is it looking at inflammatory things?? Maybe I need to spend more time looking at baby goats and less time squashed up to commuters on the tube??

      I bet you call courgettes zucchinis and aubergines eggplants as well don’t you?? 🙂

  2. I really hope they will soon help clarify what is happening with your sight.
    To be honest, I don’t have much faith in doctors – my opinion is that most of the times they won’t or don’t care looking at root causes, and mostly either dismiss or give some tablets.
    Best wishes that you’re luckier and get a good doctor to help ❤

    • Thank you 🙂 I have very little faith in doctors – after finding a lump in my breast years ago I went to the GP and they told me it was nothing and they wouldn’t send me to the hospital to get it checked. I burst into tears and insisted – she finally agreed but said she would write on the referral that it wasn’t urgent – well it was, it was cancer. To be honest .the GPs haven’t been hugely helpful with what is going on at present – the optician on the other hand went above and beyond.

      • It’s disgraceful that doctors can’t take patients seriously. I wonder why they became doctors in the first place, they should have chosen another career path 😦
        I now stopped seeing any and am try figuring things out by myself, when I can. All the best with your eyes, sending you a virtual hug

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