Last autumn I sowed radish, spinach, lettuce, rocket and spring onion seeds in my greenhouse hoping for some winter greens.

Looks impressive doesn’t it?

Well don’t be fooled, the radishes produced lots of leaves but only about 2 produced an actual radish. Most of the green here is weeds. I grew one lettuce,

single lettuce

a couple of spinach plants that then got nibbled by something


and a handful of miniature spring onions.

The only successful plant was the purple one which is some kind of self-seeded peppery leaf that despite my best efforts keeps popping up.


It was not the smug success with winter greens I had been hoping for.

Never mind, I picked a lot of the leaves for dinner, yanked most of it out, fed it to the ducks and then watered and reseeded.


Fingers crossed that I get some actual radishes, rocket and some dill and coriander in the next couple of months.


4 responses to “Reseeded

    • OK, I am kind of glad it wasn’t just me, maybe there is hope for me next autumn. I wondered whether I had sowed them too late, not enough water (i.e. no water) or what? Who knows. Hope you have better luck this autumn with yours đŸ™‚

  1. The purple leaves look like mustard, and you had a great crop of chickweed, very nutritious. In my view, you had bowls and bowls of winter greens, so you were successful….you just chose not to eat them! Thank goodness for ducks so they didn’t go to waste!

    • We did eat the purple leaves – maybe they are mustard – I can’t remember what they were when I first planted them. I have tried eating radish greens before, but I do’t like them + we have loads of cabbage which I kind of prefer. I thought there was chickweed and I know people do eat it, but how – cooked or raw in salads? Nothing ever goes to waste here, if the ducks don’t eat it, the hens, goats, pigs or sheep will and if no-one will eat it the worms get it in the wormery or we compost it!

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