What are we eating?

psb and rhubarb.jpg

I have been meaning to post, but life has been getting in the way. I have the proofs of a book to go through, another article has just been finished, and there is now a small pile of books and articles that publishers/journals want me to peer review; I am trying to sow enough tomatoes, veggies and salads to supply the cafe this summer; the bees are getting busy so I need to make frames for them – plus of course I decided to totally change the way I keep bees this year; there are chicks hatching all over the place; and I have been stocking the cake kitchen and cafe with the necessary equipment and making sure I have my food hygiene processes in place.

Opening the cafe is terrifying me.  But I am  thinking about maybe just opening this weekend for coffee and home-made cakes as sometimes you just have to jump right in. But I am in London for work weds/Thurs and the gas boiler won’t be ready until Monday so I would have to use electric, but who knows – watch this space for news – there may be an impromptu slow opening – aka a chance to sit around drink coffee and eat cake.


Anyway, we still have to eat and this is what we have been harvesting over the past week or so.

The end of the leeks – I still have 6-8 cabbages left)

leeks and cabbage

Finally the psb came into flower and wow we have lots of it


And the same with regards to the rhubarb

And now radishes


The spinach is just starting to come as is the rocket. I managed one overwintered lettuce – all my spring lettuces are behind – this means non-existent – because the seed trays were too wet or too dry.


Let’s not even talk about the peas and broadbeans that never even got to sprout as mice ate them – I know finally have a few slowly growing.


And then one of these sheep got into the polytunnel of dreams and had a delightful snack on broadbean tops, mizuna, spinach and the lower branches of my fruit trees. Two days later they got onto the hugelkultur and ate some of my sprouting broccoli – and this my friends is why I have absolutely no problem eating my sheep!

5 responses to “What are we eating?

  1. Good luck if you give the cafe a go tomorrow, look forward to coffee and cake next time – 14

    • thank you – saving opening for next weekend – what could possibly go wrong with opening a cafe on a bank holiday weekend?? see you soon

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