Spring in the Polytunnel


I don’t have time for words so today just some images of what is growing in the polytunnel.

Here there are strawberries up the edge, courgettes in the foreground with broadbeans behind and you can just see onions and carrots to the left.

courgettes, broadbeans and strawberries

The courgettes should be arriving any day now …


If you are curious this is where the spinach (for the borek) and the mizuna for the salad comes from that I serve in the cafe.

mizuna and spinach

Early carrots and onions are getting there

carrots and onions

Looks like we will get some apricots and peaches this year – does this mean more snakes?


I have been rubbish with my seedings, but hopefully there will be enough tomato, pepper and cucumber plants – I can’t ever grow enough aubergines!


Off to walk dogs ad milk goats now before the cafe opens again – this bank holiday has been fun but exhausting so far.


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