Pea Pesto Pasta


We’re eating a lot of this round here at the moment – it is quick and tasty which is a prerequisite for dinner at the moment. And yes it is a miracle that any peas made it actually into the kitchen – usually I shovel them into my mouth while picking them in the polytunnel of dreams.


Pea Pesto Pasta: onion (finely chopped), courgette (sliced), peas, pasta, pesto, cheese, bit of olive oil.

Put the water on to boil for the pasta. Heat the oil in a frying pan and gentle saute the onion and courgette, then add the peas – I don’t cook them first as they are super-fresh. Stir in the pesto – I am still using up some froze from last year as my current basil isn’t doing brilliantly to say the least.

peas and pods

Drain the pasta, mix a little of the cooking water into the pea and pesto mix, then add the pasta. Serve with cheese grated on top. I think I used a bit of leftover Tymboro.

We also eat this a lot of squares of fried home-made halloumi – this works really well too.


N.B. the pods don’t get wasted, they are a lovely treat for the goats.

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