Where the bacon comes from ….


All the bacon and sausages sold in the Blue Rabbit Cafe come from our own pigs who free-range on our smallholding.

Yesterday we took two of these pigs to the abattoir, never an easy day. But they had a good life born, they were here and have spent the past 14 months bopping around happily doing pig-things. Unlike commercial pigs raised in cramped conditions inside barns who are slaughtered at 4 months, our pigs live outside and grow slowly. These girls are just over a year old. This slow-growth and the fact that they are a rare-breed means the meat tastes really special.

bacon bap.jpg

N.B. Even those pigs who are ostensibly free-range often spend the last month of their lives being fattened inside and lots of pigs who are ‘bred-outside’ are born outside but at three weeks old they are taken from their mothers and shoved into barns on concrete floors where they are fattened up in stressful conditions.

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