I noticed last week that Eleven had a lump on her neck. I watched it for a day, it grew. It felt like an abscess so I called our wonderful large animal vets. They came out to the smallholding the next day.

I have said before how much I respect and value our vets. They are hugely supportive and empowering; are keen to help me look after the animals as best I can; and they help me learn how to treat the animals myself. They are also kind and compassionate.

Although I watched the vet treat Special K’s abscess, and I was probably at the stage where I could check whether it was an abscess using a syringe to extract some of the pus and then lance it, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to watch it one more time.

eleven closeup

The vet was great. I held Eleven and very quickly she lanced the abscess with a sharp blade and all the pus came out – sorry Adam yet again I didn’t get any video of it šŸ™‚

I asked the vet about anaesthetic, but she said that the cut would be so quick that Eleven wouldn’t really notice – this was true. What Eleven didn’t really like was me flushing out the abscess site with salt water twice a day for the next 6 days or so. You have to keep the wound open so it can drain and heal. I also asked about antibiotics, but as with Special K the vet said they weren’t necessary and wouldn’t really help unless the infection spread.

I love my goats, especially the kids. They were born here and will eventually join my milking herd. I hope they will live here for many, many years. They aren’t pets, they are animals that I respect and care for and live alongside with. Of all my animals (not including the dogs) I like them the best.

All of this is very important when for when I tell you the story of how I became a victim of extortion tomorrow …..


N.B. Eleven is fine now. It has all cleared up. The abscess was from the vaccination site – this just must be the year for abscesses as previously we haven’t had any.

N.B. The vet also told me about giving cows (and other animals) caesareans – apparently they use a local anaesthetic, cut open the belly, take out the uterus, remove the baby, pop the uterus back in and stitch everything back up – a miracle really.


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