Finding me


I have been pretty absent round here recently. Stuff in my life was making me unhappy and impinging on everything.

But thanks to the repeated advice of others I am slowly realising that although I can’t do anything about these things, I can choose how to react to them. I don’t have to get drawn into a spiral of negative nonsense. I don’t have to let them diminish me. I can still be me and most importantly I have choices. I can make a new present and a new future for me.

So this is what I am doing. There is a lot that is great in my life, and I am now appreciating it.

Shingle Street

While swimming at Shingle Street yesterday in the clear, glass-green water I felt not only like a total mermaid, but also that I was swimming back to me, a me who got a bit squashed down.


Walking my dogs round the local fields, at the beginning and end of the day, exhausted and dirty I feel the sunlight on me and I know I have the strength.



Eating the most divine peaches, I realise I am actually quite lucky and I have the resilience and abilities to make dreams come true.



I am strong and competent; I will survive and flourish whatever happens and however long it takes.

This is my latest book that was published a few weeks ago


And this is a plug that I unwired, squeezed behind the food truck counter and then rewiredย  in the new place. I now have a working sandwich maker. This might not sound like a big deal but I am rather fearful of the electricity pixies. I was told it was impossible, but my Dad had taught me how to do it, so I did it


Meanwhile I have a backlog of chick news, recipes, and photos from the polytunnel of dreams to share ….


Oh,ย  and I cut my hair – new, new times …. wanna see?


17 responses to “Finding me

  1. YES CLAIRE!! Youโ€™ve got it. Reclaiming your strength and power is life affirming. However it looks is just how it looks. You are not a bug, donโ€™t get squished. You are a warrior. Youโ€™ve survived what would kill most. You will continue to do GREAT THINGS in your own way. You are surrounded by love. Keep looking for it.

  2. YASSSS beautiful woman!!
    You ARE strong and competent. You WILL survive what you’re going through.
    I’ve been trying to remind myself of this awesome quote from Dr. Maya Angelou which goes, and I paraphrase –

    “If you don’t like something, change it. And if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”


  3. Know that you have family and friends who love and support you and are constantly in awe of the shear force of will you bring to bear on everything you throw yourself into (even though we might be a long way away, and not tell you that enough)

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