Blackcurrant Cheesecake

black currants.jpg

My sister and her family were over staying with me earlier in July. We had a great time swimming in the sea, catching up, milking goats, and watching the football (a Sweden-England match with a referee from the Netherlands covered all the bases). She also picked lots of my blackcurrants for me. Huge, fabulous blackcurrants growing on bushes that were grown from a single sprig from my friend Nathan’s legendary blackcurrant bushes. Nearly all of my currants are originally in bush or cutting form from Christine and Nathan’s allotment and they produce really well even in the drought we have had here this summer.

Anyway I digress, not only did my sister pick the blackcurrants, she also made this fabulous cheesecake that we ate a lot when we were young.

This isn’t a proper recipe with quantities and such things, but it is pretty easy to make – even easier if someone else makes it for you!


Blackcurrant cheesecake: blackcurrants, sugar, cornflour, digestives, butter, cream, cream-cheese, mascarpone.

Melt a little butter and mix with crushed digestives – not too much just enough to bind it together. Spread out on the bottom of a dish. Let it chill in the fridge. Gently cook the blackcurrants with some sugar – add a little cornflour to thicken it towards the end – don’t overcook them, and they shouldn’t be too sweet otherwise you can’t legitimately eat the cheesecake for breakfast. Whip some cream and then fold it into some mascarpone and/or cream cheese. Spread the cream mix onto the base and then top with blackcurrants.


Chill and then eat!

So we have something from the past and now something for the future – this is my new post-swim hair.



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