Farm-gate sales

now with back and sides

now with back and sides

We sell a variety of organic home-grown, home-raised and home-made produce at our ‘farm-gate’ – a stall at the front of our drive and also from our back porch.

We have jams, jellies, chutneys and pickles all at various prices – varieties change at different times of the year but can include:

Summer Fruit Jam; Plum Jam; Rhubarb Jam; Rhubarb and Ginger Jam; Cherry and Gooseberry Jam; Hedgerow jelly; Chilli and Apple jelly; House Chutney; Sweet Pickled Cucumber


plums and dog







chilli and apple jelly

Belle and hen Belle and hen

A selection of  eggs from our very free-range organically fed poultry: multi-coloured eggs, plain brown eggs and Indian Runner Duck eggs (great in baking and absolutely delicious poached)



duck eggs

Over the Easter period we also sell turkey eggs from our free-range turkeys – they are great scrambled – you can buy them in boxes of four or in a selection pack (2 turkey eggs and 2 duck eggs)


We also sell frozen sausages and bacon from our own home-reared, free-range, very happy pigs. For more on this see here. Just call at the back of the house if you want sausages and bacon and we will get it for you.


We also have Jacob lamb and ewe fleeces available for sale at £4+pp and £2+pp as well as alpaca fleeces. See here for more details.


We also sell seasonal surplus fruit and vegetables.

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