Breaking News …


One of the branches on my peach tree in the polytunnel of dreams broke off because it was so laden down with peaches.

broken branch.jpg

Kind of gutted, but also kind of super-smug and a little bit gleeful and excited.

ripening peaches

I am trying to ripen the peaches in the house. I put the bruised and slightly ant-eaten ones in smoothies. The perfect ones I eat whole or in slices. I might even get enough for peach pie – I have never actually had so many peaches I could make a pie with them.


My other peach tree also fruited this year. It produced about 8 giant, beautiful peaches and the ants ate most of them. I did manage to save a few though.


I ate them with mulberries. But before you think my smugness has reached unfeasible levels, this year I have managed to glean only a few mulberries as a family of blackbirds have taken up residence in the tree and they are early birds …. if you know what I mean

peaches and mulberries

N.B. just take another quick peek at the broken branch – seriously laden with peaches ..


2 responses to “Breaking News …

  1. I would never have thought of Ants eating peaches, so you live and learn. I guess more thinning out of fruit required next year? How old is your tree?

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